Tell People You Exist

Market yourself. Market your art. At a party recently I got chatting to someone, a friend of a friend. Someone I hadn’t seen for years — not a close friend, but someone from my home town. We politely updated each other on the mundane and boring stuff — what we are doing now-a-days, whereabouts we are living, how we are, if our partners are well etc. We then started talking about writing and art as we had a lot in common and soon we got onto the topic that a wine-fuelled bar often lands you on: our hopes and dreams. Then, it quickly turned sour. “Well, it’s been easy for you. No one reads my writing.” First of all — it’s not easy for me. I always get people making the assumption that I flew in on a golden unicorn and landed myself with a blog, a book deal and unwavering confidence. Not true. It’s taken… View Post

10 Amazing Adele Quotes

1. “I have insecurities of course, but I don’t hang out with anyone who points them out to me.” 2. “I walk into a room, big and tall and loud.” 3. “I’ve never wanted to look like models on the cover of magazines.” 4. “I just want to make music, I don’t want people to talk about me. All I’ve ever wanted to do was sing.” 5. “What have I said no to? Everything you can imagine. Literally every-fucking-thing. Books, clothes, food ranges, drink ranges, fitness ranges… That’s probably the funniest. They wanted me to be the face of a car.” 6. “I was never going to write my record about Being Someone Really Famous. Because who cares?” 7. “My life is full of drama and I won’t have time to worry about something as petty as what I look like.” 8. “I’m really happy to be me, and I’d like to… View Post

Hanging out with Tyler Oakley at Simon & Schuster to talk about his memoir

I have a lot time for Tyler Oakley. As one of my favourite writers Ryan O’Connell said in his post called “Things I don’t understand at the ripe old age of 29” recently: “Note: Even though I’m confused [about YouTubers], I STAND for Tyler Oakley. Homegirl has put his money where his vlog is and raised so much fucking $$$ for Trevor Project. Anyone that thinks he’s problematic for the gay community needs to stop blogging and actually HELP the gay community they’re sooooo desperado to protect.” He is something of role model in the LGBTQ community, raising more than $1m for anti-suicide organisations and having a LOT of positivity shine out of his Twitter feed. We’d met briefly last year at Zoe Sugg’s launch for Zoella Beauty and we clinked our glasses, chatted for a few minutes and had a selfie (OBVS). For someone with over seven million subscribers and… View Post

Not playing it cool

We’re often told in life to play it cool. That surge of emotion you’re feeling? That overwhelming fangirl moment? Hey, keep it down. Tone down your excitement. Play. It. Cool. Don’t look. Just act like… you don’t care. On Sunday evening, I was travelling back from Devon to Paddington, fiddling with the final touches of my manuscript on the train, listening to Adele (obviously). I got home, ran a bath, watched XFactor, the usual Sunday night lark. My boyfriend is away in Ghana at the moment, so keeping myself busy doing “me” stuff. I log onto Twitter, and get a message from a publicist at Bloomsbury Publishing. It’s about Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic. A book I’ve been championing for the last six months and telling anyone and everyone about. A book I wrote a blog post about, that Liz shared on her Facebook page to over 1 million of her… View Post

Have you ever been selfie-shamed?

Here are just a few comments I get from people on the reg. Most of the time it is just random acquaintances, but it also my actual IRL friends who mock me about not being able to pass a mirror without taking a little snap whilst we’re sharing a bottle of vino. People in general who have clearly picked up on the fact that I do take a lot of photos of myself. Most comments aren’t rude though, just tongue in cheek and it is funny, to be fair. It’s not mean, but it is a comment on a habit: “Woah! Sometime LOVES a selfie!!!” “More pictures of you, eh?” Me: “Oooh this picture of some cheese has loads of likes.” Friend: “Maybe that’s because it’s not of your mug for once.” *we both fall about laughing* “Just how many selfies a day are you averaging!?” Yep! Hands up! You got me!… View Post

Writing For Writing’s Sake

I have nothing to write about today! Yet, here I am. Because: I feel like writing. There’s only one place to go for me when I’m in this strange mood, itching to write something…tap tap tap…yet I don’t have an idea. Because you don’t need to be in an amazing mood when you write on your own blog (if you don’t want to). You don’t have to have an award-winning idea for a shareable list! No need for a crazy headline to grab any clicks! No need to trick people into reading your shocking true story! No big reveal here! No free gift! Because people who want to read your blog will read it because they like it. And even if they don’t, at least you stretched your tiny finger muscles. Sometimes you want to jazz things up and make an all-singing all-dancing blog post and sometimes you metaphorically want to lie around in your pyjamas with… View Post

7 ways to beat your inner critic

Last Thursday evening I was on a panel called “Beat The Imposter Syndrome” at House of St Barnabus, an #Omniwomen event hosted by the lovely team at Flamingo Group. The first panel discussed different strategies to help beat your “inner critic” at work with Claire Cohen (Telegraph), Jenny Scott (Mother’s Meeting), and Sairah Ashman (Wolff Ollins). I was on the second panel with Eva Wiseman (Observer) and we discussed ways in which you can dial up your best assets, finding your voice at work and how to deal when people might not like you. Lots of brilliant and interesting things came up in discussion – so much that I can’t remember it all – but I wanted to do a round-up of some of the main talking points: 1. Build a brand you’re proud of We know that “building a brand” is something that makes everyone make a VOM noise, but all it… View Post

The Rosebery aka Gossip Girl xoxo

Reviewing an aparthotel in London with friends, writing in bed, having a look at the Gherkin. I do love hopping around reviewing things for this blog. One of the perks of sweating over a keyboard hungover on Sunday nights. However this time round, I didn’t go very far at all. Approx 30 minutes from home. I recently stayed for the weekend at the Rosebery in Clerkenwell – a gorgeous building, which houses 58 suites housed in a restored Victorian red brick building, moments away from Chancery Lane tube. It’s an aparthotel – a new word I’ve recently discovered. Part hotel, but more like a mini apartment. Somewhere you can properly chill and just escape from it all. (Whilst all my laundry was piling up at home.) It was really relaxing to stay somewhere near home but away from home – and in the comfort of a little apartment with everything you need. I… View Post

RIP Facebook’s “Maybe” Button

As a serial clicker of this button — here’s all the different ways it helped me be an awful person. In my eyes, there is a bigger news story in the world of social networking that is more important to me than the news of Twitter killing of the “favourite”. Yes, everyone is talking about stars turning into hearts and getting headaches over it. One person tweeted “this is the worst thing that has ever happened” upon hearing the news. Wow. But I’m here to talk about the fact that Facebook has erased the “Maybe” button from our lives. The Powers That Be have officially come to decision to drop the ‘maybe’ from events in favour of ‘interested’ , according to a spokesperson today. This is big. Especially for introverts. I’m livid. That button helped me be the true Social Flake that I am. Less Facebook, More Flakebook. (You’re welcome.) The vagueness of this button… View Post

Making Up My Mind

Okay, okay, I’ve always been indecisive. I’m never normally the one to choose the restaurant, or the one to pick which movie to watch on Netflix (because it would take hours, I scroll very slowly). I’ve never been the person who can pick out what to wear with ease and lay it out on the bed the night before. I don’t procrastinate often, but when I do it’s because I’m faced with a decision to make. I’ll sleep on it, I think. But pretty much everything in life is a fork in the road. Dramatic, but true. Every thing is a potential Sliding Doors moment. Should I do this, or that? I dilly dally, avoid decisions — and I’ve been known to cancel both things if I’ve double-booked by accident.Because: please don’t make me choose. But this post is about more than that: I’ve been reflecting on whether the Internet has made… View Post