The most interesting dinner party you’ve ever been to. Fancy it?


I’m SUPER THRILLED to part of the next “There’s A Good Girl“ event, which is all about celebrating female creativity (what’s not to love about that). The volunteer-run group VIVA Women is an initiative to support women in advertising and ’There’s a Good Girl’ sits within that, with a focus on creative. ‘There’s a Good Girl’ first kicked off with a brilliant exhibition last November with a private view at Saatchi & Saatchi London, before moving on to The Assembly Rooms for a further two months. The exhibition showcased the work of twenty audacious female artists who are making their mark on contemporary culture with the likes of Hattie Stewart, Alison Jackson, Sara Pope and Pam Glew all exhibiting. If you missed the exhibition (how could you – it was everywhere) you should definitely watch this film.

Following on from this Jo Wallace a creative director at Saatchi & Saatchi (follow her at @JoWallaceTweets) who had the original idea for the exhibition, organised a sell-out panel event at the Ivy Club with 5 of the artists. It had the rather meek name TITS & KICKING ASS and they set about discussing the portrayal of women in advertising. Next on the agenda: what promises to be the most interesting dinner party you’ve ever been to. (Promise, it’ll be awesome), and I’m chuffed to be one of the speakers. No pressure.

Where and when?

Thursday 2nd July at The Kings’s Head Members Club.

7.30pm to be seated for 8.00pm. Continue Reading

Hi, Just Wanted To Let You Know About This App I’m Obsessed With.

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Where can you go, if you’re a feminist and you’re really into books?

Or you’re into fashion, but also like discussing horoscopes?

Or you’re obsessed with technology and fanatical about coffee?

Sometimes, we just want to talk about the stuff we’re interested in, with other people who are also interested in it.

Twitter’s alright for that – but it doesn’t guarantee that someone who likes your tweet will see it, or be interested into the same stuff as you. Sometimes we all put out what we’re doing, but only a small percentage will think “cool!” or “me too!” What if  you could dive into different groups and only chat about certain topics? Yeah, OK there’s Facebook groups for that, maybe, but they’re a bit dull and get a bit serious.

Meet the new app 6Tribes, which sounds a bit scary and techy and culty, but it’s not at all. It’s a fun place, on your phone, where you can chat and meet people that are into the same stuff as you. You can filter out the stuff that doesn’t interest you. Not interested in football? Well, you don’t have to join the football group and therefore all the [boring] scores that go back and forth without you seeing it. Woo.

The tribes are fab. My personal favourites are:

  • “quarter life crisis” tribe
  • coffee geeks
  • urban explorers
  • feminists
  • festivalists
  • critical thinkers (lol)
  • forever-skint fashionistas

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Books I’ve Read This Month

  • A Work in Progress – Connor Franta (Simon & Schuster): Yes, it’s another YouTuber book. But I did not roll my eyes when I got sent this one. Bar the fact that the cover design and paper is really stylish, I really enjoyed the books themes. Despite being 22, he’s writing a memoir; but he’s in on the joke, that’s why it’s called “a work in progress” because obviously he doesn’t have it figured out, at all, yet. Chapters include topics such as “Internet fame”, his sexuality, his awkward teen years, and the highs and lows of living in LA. I enjoyed it, as a light easy read.
  • Suicide Notes From Beautiful Girls – Lynn Weingarten (Simon & Schuster): This was such a surprise to my reading list and obviously the title really threw and intrigued me. The delivery came with a notebook and pen with the book’s title engraved on it. It’s a YA book, for ages 14 and up, and is essentially a young thriller. It sort of reminded me of a dark Sweet Valley High in places. I won’t spoil it, but it’s based on a friendship between June and Delia, with the plot surrounding the death of Delia, with June trying to figure out what’s true and what’s not. The chapters also cleverly alternative perspective and in general I think there are some really interesting story-telling tactics used in the book.
  • Hot Feminist – Polly Vernon (Hodder & Stoughton): Polly’s book has ruffled some feathers and the reviews have been mixed. However, I enjoyed reading it, and that doesn’t mean to say I agreed with all of it because I really didn’t. But, I admire the bold and brave chapters, the way she tells her own story, and the way the book brings yet another perspective to feminism dialogue. Whether or not you agree with all the different trails of thought, I think this is definitely worth a read. Essentially it says, be a feminist and do what you want. We kind of knew that, but even though some people probably didn’t need the reminder, but I bet there are some readers who did, and appreciated Polly’s honesty.

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I’m Boycotting Facebook Because Everyone’s Being Too Grown Up


What I didn’t realise, upon immediately slamming into my mid-twenties, was that almost immediately, the conversations over coffee or dinner tables would change significantly. And I’m not talking about nosy family members (in fact they are the opposite) it’s friends and acquaintances who can’t help but casually encourage you to upgrade your relationship or womb over a cup of green tea. It’s like Tourette’s. We just can’t seem to help ourselves. One minute I’m innocently meeting up to talk about the weather, the last book we both read, or the colour of our nail varnish and suddenly, quickly, we’re on the topic of nappies and imaginary weddings. What would you have? You know, if you HAD to choose? Come on. You know, HYPOTHETICALLY? Continue Reading

Monday is a mentality

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The other day I received a nice pleasant email, an email like many others, starting like this:

“Hi Emma, hope you’re well and looking forward to the weekend? I bet you’re counting down the days until Friday!”

This email was received on a Wednesday morning, with the weekend still quite a few days out of sight. It made me think: actually, I wasn’t looking that forward to the weekend. Well, I had some nice plans and all, but I wasn’t overly pepped up about it. I actually had something far more exciting happening the following Tuesday, an event that I’d invited a friend along to. Weekends are always less busy. Less exciting. Chill time. I never feel really very OMG IT’S FRIDAY.  Continue Reading

A Millennial Goes Offline For 48 Hours & Then Blogs About It

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Tapping away at my desk I received a parcel last week that really intrigued me. Sent from Innocent HQ (of the Smoothie variety) it included a notepad, some colourful writing pens, a letter-writing set and an Instax 8 mini Polaroid camera, with two sets of colour film. Attached was a note, explaining this was a ’no Internet’ package, something they invited me to use for 48 hours, if I agreed to turn off my Internet and go “unplugged” for the entire weekend.

Innocent asked an interesting question: “are we TOO connected?” I mean, the average person checks their phone every six and a half minutes- that’s 150 times a day… #GUILTY. Continue Reading

50 Questions Stolen From A 2005 Hotmail Email, Answered in 2015


Why do you go on the Internet?
Honestly, I just find it quite therapeutic to write down my thoughts on this blog whether or not I have anyone reading it. I like writing, but most of all I like connecting with people, hence why this blog isn’t private or just a bunch of Word Documents on my desktop.
Favourite social network?
I’d say Twitter for the endless amounts of chats and conversations that can lead to new opportunities, interesting conversations and wonderful meet-ups. Instagram for documenting the good times.
Which celeb do you wish you were related to?
I’d be happy with Taylor Swift being my cousin. I think she’d be fun to have a Christmas party with.
Do you hoard stuff?
I chuck away most things after a while except for old letters and books. Continue Reading

Russell Brand’s new documentary is worth a watch

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I had high expectations as I made my way to Soho Screening Rooms to watch Russell Brand’s Emperor’s New Clothes. As a regular viewer of Brand’s YouTube series The Trews, it’s clear that Russell Brand is on a political mission. He’s not holding back. He normally tackles a controversial news story in five minutes, so what point is he bound to make given 90 minutes of airtime? Not to mention the fact that Brand had joined forces with legendary British director Michael Winterbottom. There was no way it wasn’t going to break some boundaries and leave an audience fired up.


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Visiting the Ali & Nino Film Set in Istanbul

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I went to Istanbul at the weekend, to interview the cast and crew of Ali & Nino, a film that will be released in 2016. This film is going to be big. Epic. The film is an adaptation of the global best-seller of the same name written in 1937 which has been translated into 33 languages around the world, and is a national treasure of Azerbaijan. I guess the most obvious comparison is how we feel about Romeo & Juliet in England. The novel is about an intense romance between a Muslim Azerbaijani boy (Ali) and Christian Georgian girl in Baku (Nino) in the years 1918-1920 (and their families are not too happy about it). The book is a joy to read; I finished it in just a few hours and it’s not only a beautiful love story, it’s packed full of history and I learned so much from it. Continue Reading