An App To Help You Find Your Favourite Things In New York

It’s no secret that I love New York.

So when I was asked to review the new ‘Shop NYC’ app launched by Hayes and Jarvis; a new navigation tool for the Big Apple, I obvs said yes.


I mean, NYC is about discovering the sites, pounding the streets and generally soaking up the amazing buzzing atmosphere, but it’s also about shopping let’s be honest. Even though a New York map is just a giant grid, it’s hard to find where the best bits are easily. Continue Reading


FotorCreatedLook, we’ve all seen those parody/comedy YouTube videos that mock the “I’M SO BUSY!” social “status”. (Like this one called Don’t You Know How Busy And Important I am). I see it around me most days, watching someone respond to “hey, how are you?” with “OMG I’M SO FRIGGING BUSY. I’M, LIKE, ACTUALLY MEANT TO BE ON HOLIDAY BUT ACTUALLY ON LOUD SPEAKER TO TEN DIFFERENT PEOPLE RIGHT THIS SECOND. MY LIFE IS SO BUSY!!!!!!”

OK. OK. OK. We are all a bit busy. Mothers of 5 or paramedic doctors (the list goes on) are definitely busier than me with my not-even-that-full iPhone calendar. But we all like to share how #BUSY we are to make a point about our lives. Because if we’re running around like headless chickens it means we are fulfilled in our lives right? It must mean we have a PURPOSE? Hmm. Not sure. Continue Reading

This Doesn’t Mean Yes

A shocking 43% of women aged 18-34 experience sexual harassment in public spaces in London each year, with one in five women victim of a sexual offence since the age of 16. Government statistics also indicate 85,000 women are raped and 400,000 sexually assaulted in the UK every year.

Last week I was alerted to the #ThisDoesNotMeanYes campaign – an initiative to raise awareness and combat the ongoing issue of victim-blaming. It’s about calling bullshit on these myths and the awful phrase “they were asking for it”. It shocks me to the core that anyone could say that. Or think that.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 23.35.40

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Monday Inspiration: The Moth Mainstage


To me, the point of having a blog is to have this little place that is mine, that I can visit when I feel inspired to just let something out. It doesn’t happen all the time, and doesn’t matter whether it is big or small, or perfectly written. All I know is when I get inspired by something I feel a bit flushed in my face and a little agitated and I need to run home and open my laptop and just TYPE. Literal word vomit.

I realise inspiration doesn’t just come to you. You can’t just sit around waiting to feel pumped about something when going about your daily business or doing the washing up. Sometimes, inspiration just vanishes for a bit. And all you can do is hope it’ll come back to you when you least expect it.  Continue Reading


If you’re human, you’ll compare yourself to someone, or many many people at some point in your life. I do it daily. I compare myself to my 23-year-old sister (I can’t fit into her tiny clothes); to my mates (some of whom earn a lot of money); to my mum (who is better at remembering things than me); to my colleagues, fashion bloggers who travel the world and write blog posts in hammocks, to even strangers on the street who are laughing when I’m in a bad mood. We compare ourselves to each other minute by minute, scrolling through Instagram, wondering if other people are having more fun than us; achieving more than us all the time.

But this quote, below, by McQueen says a lot.

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 16.53.43

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Why You Should Go See Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty

Fashion Week

“I read that it made Victoria Beckham cry” said one of my friends when I said I’d been to see the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition at the V&A.

I bet it did. I had a lump in my throat the whole time I wandered around. It was extremely moving. Haunting. Bewitching. I stood watching a hologram of a woman in a dress for 25 minutes. Just staring. Mesmerised. The whole exhibition is like you are under a spell; there’s no other way to describe it. Continue Reading

I Shouldn’t Be Here: How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome


I never cared about being one of those academic overachievers at school.  Although this meant there were no regular trophies, champagne flutes or doting smiles, it also meant no anxiety or pressure of always having to maintain any sort of special title. I actively avoided most classroom competition and instead chose to remain averagely happy and perform well socially. Soon after graduation, things quickly changed as soon as I hit the working world, landing myself a placement at a top global PR firm (after six months of sending my CV to ANYONE and EVERYONE.) During this internship I was planning launch events for global billion pound brands on behalf of huge corporate parent companies. Suddenly success meant something to me; there was a financial reward and a tangible result, and it was kind of addictive. There I was, having just turned twenty one and sitting in a huge office in Soho surrounded by buzzing conference rooms and power-dressed women. As I became engulfed by hungry egos, I felt vulnerable, but mainly confused: how on earth did I get to be in this room with all of these important people?
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“Cheer Up Love”

It happens a lot, actually. Walking down the street, or waiting at a bus stop, or when I’m glued to my phone frantically trying to look up an address. I’ll get a passer-by (and it’s always a guy) saying “cheer up, love” quick enough for me to frown and turn around: but then he’s gone. Vanished. It’s said in a way that is neither aggressive or encouraging. It’s just….bizarre. One minute I am alone, deep inside my own thoughts and then I hear a gravelly mutter and realise the comment was rude, and directed at me. I realise I should have said something but the moment’s gone. Because no one asked for this person’s opinion on my facial expression. And he’s marches on, chuckling to himself as he goes, swigging from a can of Pepsi. Continue Reading

Lessons From Katie Price on Personal Branding



Those two brilliant buzzwords that I often talk about even though it often makes most people roll their eyes. I know it sounds like awful men-in-suits-marketing-jargon but there’s never been a better time to be good at self-branding. We all make mistakes, but knowing the solid foundations for building a strong brand of who you are (especially when promoting yourself online) isn’t a bad thing really is it? Continue Reading

#GIRLS sleepover at The Hoxton Hotel

Monday was VERY fun indeed. I went along to the Girls HBO Blogger Sleepover, hosted by HBO and Birchbox at the absolutely gorgeous Hoxton Hotel. The evening was to celebrate HBO’s Award-winning comedy series Girls: The Complete Fourth Season and we stayed up until midnight so we could digitally download Season Four on iPads and watch it in bed after necking a bottle of champagne. BEST MONDAY NIGHT EVER?


It’s no surprise that I am a HUGE fan of GIRLS and have watched them all religiously. I even wrote An Open Letter to the cast recently because I felt connected to them. (I also absolutely ADORE Lena Dunham and think she is a g.e.n.i.u.s). Continue Reading

Things I Learned When I Told My Story At The Moth

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 16.08.39

This article was first printed in The Independent. 

The Moth, which first arrived in London last September, returned last night and sold out almost instantly – The Book Club’s basement in Shoreditch soon filling with about 100 supportive beer-drinkers drawn from East London’s literati. The event, which is extremely good fun, lasts about two hours, including a half-time loo break. With a comedy host guiding the evening, that leaves room for 10 stories at five minutes each – so it has to be tightly run. Continue Reading